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Your support can save a life!

For a dollar a day, you can provide essential medications for a patient in Haiti.

For $2.50 a day, or $75 per month, you can provide 30 patients with access to a test such as H-pylori.




The Haitian government directs only 4.4% of their budget to healthcare. This equates to $13 per capita (the US spends over $10,000 per person). It is no surprise then that the average life expectancy in Haiti is 64.45 years.

The Clinique treats over 13,000 patients annually. It provides an opportunity for a healthier life to men, women, and children in Terrier Rouge and the surrounding areas, many of which would not otherwise have access to medical treatment.


Services include: ​

  • General medicine

  • Dental services

  • Eye care for glaucoma and cataracts

  • Pharmacy and laboratory services

  • Women's health

  • Medical testing and treatment for tropical diseases (malaria, dengue fever, Zika), parasitic infection (H-pylori), hypertension, and respiratory illnesses

Services are provided on a fee basis using a sliding scale. No one is turned away!


Additionally, the Clinique participates in a program called Medika Mamba to address malnourishment in children, a necessity in Haiti where 30% of the population is food insecure. Periodically, the Clinique holds community seminars that teach parents the importance of good hygiene and how to cope with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. These efforts empower Haitians to take greater responsibility for the health and well being of themselves and their families.  The Clinique also participates in economic development by providing jobs for doctors, nurses, and lab technicians. 


Medical treatment is costly in Haiti. A 30-day supply of a drug to treat an upper respiratory infection can cost more than a Haitian’s entire monthly income. Testing for H-pylori, an infection of the digestive tract, costs the equivalent of a day’s wages in Haiti.

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