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Honor a special woman in your life with a gift that empowers women in Haiti this Mother’s Day - giving a gift that truly makes a difference!
In celebration of mothers here and in Haiti, Bethlehem Ministry and Jatrofa Projenou are partnering to raise funds toward gifting goats to Haitian women. The cost is $50.
Click above or send us a check to PO Box 48387, Athens, GA 30604 to donate! You can also click above to download and print a card to give to the special woman you honor!

 A goat is a gift of hope to a woman in Haiti. Thanks to your donation, another woman will join her local cooperative, where community members support each other in their goat's care, enabling breeding among their nanny or buck goats to multiply their earning potential while providing milk for their families. Necessary ongoing medical support, including vaccines, is included in your donation to maintain the health of each goat. 

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