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An Update from Father Bruno

In Haiti, the projected date for the new school year was September 9th. St Bartelemy School opened its doors on September 9th with a dedicating mass, placing the institution under the protection of God. At this Eucharist attended students, teachers, administrative staff and support, as well as parents and other personalities of the community.

During the first two weeks of September, we were the only school opened in the community. Another school joined us in the third week. We were able to keep our doors opened until last Tuesday, October 8th. We made the decision to close the school until further notice due to the political events that are occurring all over the country.

You must be aware through the media of the violence raging in the country. Violence of the streets, burglaries of houses and shops, blockades of roads, assassinations and so on.

We have met with the parents and they agreed to assist the children with their studies during these “forced holidays."

Currently, the situation is very dangerous. There is a political fight against the government and the position of the members of the opposition which creates some concern about the future of the country. The fact that the opponents refuse to negotiate with the government deepens the crisis and the most affected are the poor people who are deprived of everything, private and public institutions etc.

Except for those who are economically strong (the wealthy), the situation is critical for the rest of the population.

Esperance et Vie, despite the crisis, continues to assist the population in our community. We have done our best to distribute food to those we support regularly, despite the price of fuel that has increased 400% and is only available on the black market. To buy a gallon of gasoline on the black market, you need 1200 -1500 gdes. And it is not always accessible.  The regular price is 250 gdes. Public transportation is a real challenge and the price of food and basic products have quadrupled as well. 

We are asking you, our good friends, to lift our country in your prayers imploring with us the Almighty God who has given us Jesus Christ whose power alone can help us. Esperance et Vie also counts on your generosity to help us reach those who are really in need during this difficult moment. 

This comes with the assurance of my prayers.

Father JMB+


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