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Through our program partnerships, Bethlehem Ministry strives to aid and support Haitians with solutions that are holistic in nature. Our goal is to provide hope and life, where daily struggles can be life threatening and difficult to overcome. We focus on healing bodies and land, educating children and adults through formal education, training programs, and mentoring, and support programs that are Haitian led, and provide job opportunities that fuel the local economy. With your support, we are changing lives!


The average Haitian has an 8th grade education or less. For women, this number can be as low as half.


St. Barthélémy works to remediate this statistic by educating over 1,000 children a year, from pre-K to grade 13. Some of Haiti’s most vulnerable children receive a quality education and religious instruction here, which provides a way out of poverty and into a better life. Graduates from St. Bart’s, many of whom score higher than 90% on their national exams, have the opportunity to continue their education by attending university.


In addition to education children attending St. Bart’s receive access to free medical care at Clinique Espérance et Vie. Students and their families have access to drugs and lab tests which are often not accessible or affordable to the average Haitian. The school provides a hot meal to students daily, fighting against food insecurity and providing students with the energy and nutrition they need to learn. St. Barthélémy is a modern facility that has running water and sanitation to prevent the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases. It also has electricity and internet access which enhances the educational experience and provides greater opportunities for these children to learn. Your sponsorships make all these things possible!


St. Barthélémy also plays an important role in the economy of Terrier Rouge. The school employs close to 100 teachers, cooks, administrators, and staff. It provides sustainable jobs and income for people of the local community and surrounding areas. Teachers at St. Barts also benefit from additional training at seminars throughout the year. This helps them personally and professionally and directly benefits the quality of education received by the students.


Sponsorship is an investment in the future of Haiti. For less than a dollar a day ($300/year) you can provide a child with food, education, and healthcare!

The Haitian government directs only 4.4% of their budget to healthcare. This equates to $13 per capita (the US spends over $10,000 per person). It is no surprise then that the average life expectancy in Haiti is 64.45 years.


The Clinique treats over 12,000 patients annually. It provides an opportunity for a healthier life to men, women, and children in Terrier Rouge and the surrounding areas, many of which would not otherwise have access to medical treatment. Services include medical testing and treatment for tropical diseases (malaria, dengue fever, Zika), parasitic infection (H-pylori), hypertension, and respiratory illnesses, as well as dental services and eye care for glaucoma and cataracts. Services are provided on a fee basis using a sliding scale. No one is turned away.


Additionally, the Clinique participates in a program called Medika Mamba to address malnourishment in children, a necessity in Haiti where 30% of the population is food insecure. Periodically, the Clinique holds community seminars that teach parents the importance of good hygiene and how to cope with respiratory illnesses such as asthma. These efforts empower Haitians to take greater responsibility for the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.  The Clinique also participates in economic development by providing jobs for doctors, nurses, and lab technicians. 


Medical treatment is costly in Haiti. A 30-day supply of a drug to treat an upper respiratory infection can cost more than a Haitian’s entire monthly income. Testing for H-pylori, an infection of the digestive tract, costs the equivalent of a day’s wages in Haiti. Your support is critical. For a dollar a day, you can provide essential medications for a patient in Haiti. For $2.50 a day, or $75 per month, you can provide 30 patients with access to a test such as H-pylori.


Please give generously. Your support can save a life!  


Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. This is due in part to the environmental devastation there. Haiti has the highest rate of deforestation of any country in the world.

Rural Haiti is in an endemic humanitarian and environmental crisis. Jatrofa Projenou (JP) was formed to work with families and communities to develop solutions to the poverty they face.  The goal is to work toward long-term, sustainable solutions that are based on economics, ecology, and practicality, not band-aid solutions.


JP is empowering Haitians to create jobs and income for their families in unique ways while healing the land at the same time. Jatrofa Projenou’s efforts are providing hope for a richer, more fulfilling life for hundreds of people in northern Haiti.


JP works with local farmers to grow Jatrofa trees. The seeds from these trees produce an oil that is used in a small Terrier Rouge manufacturing facility run by young, local entrepreneurs to produce soaps, shampoos, body butter, and oils. These products are marketed and sold across Haiti providing jobs and sustainable incomes for these workers.


Most recently, JP has expanded its vision, and is actively fighting against deforestation and rampant erosion through an agro-forestry project. They are identifying farmers that have land and an interest in learning new skills to plant trees and crops together for food and recurring income for their families.  JP provides training and mentorships that help the farmers get started. JP runs two tree nurseries in the Terrier Rouge region that provide trees for farmers interested in participating in the project. The trees include varietals such as cashew, mango, mahogany, eucalyptus, and several others.  The majority of these trees will be income producing within three years.


The most exciting news about JP is that they are showing Haitians how to increase production and support more workers in their efforts. One bread making project increased daily production 10 times! This effort alone provided benefits to 500 adults involved in the supply chain.

A small investment in Haiti goes a long way to lift people out of poverty and restore the capacity of their land to support them. For less than $3/day, or $999 per year, you can provide 1,000 trees to a family that will become income producing within 3 years!


Your support is urgently needed. Please donate today!


Almost all people in Haiti are poor, but some are desperate, particularly the aged, blind and those with no family. We feed these people when we can. Through our Food Distribution Program, we buy rice, beans, oil, and other staples, package them in small bags, and distribute them. Your donation to Bethlehem Ministry helps support life-sustaining missions such as this one.