News Highlights:

  • People are protesting in Haiti because they are tired of the inhumane living conditions; the cost of basic goods and gasoline have sky-rocketed.

  • With the lack of gas, the main antennas of Digicel and Natcom are not powered in some places. As a result, communication is inconsistent and difficult.

  • The roads in and out of Terrier Rouge have been blocked.

  • Schools, including St. Barthelemy, have been shut down nationwide.

  • Clinique Espérance et Vie is continuing to address patient needs via emergency services and telemedicine.


September 22, 2022

What we know--

All of us know that the chronic difficulties of life in Haiti have in recent weeks have grown much worse. Allan Siegal, a behind-the-scenes icon in American journalism, is remembered for having said, “Readers will believe more of what we do know if we level with them about what we don’t know.” We at Bethlehem Ministry promise to do our very best to keep you our faithful donors, as up to date as we can, to let you know what we know, and what we don’t know. The political, social, and humanitarian crisis embroiling Haiti is obviously rooted in deep frustration over retching declines in the quality of life. The associated desire to see the prime minister step down is also an important catalyst. Unrest and gang violence have seriously eroded the basic fabric of society, particularly in Port-A-Prince and Cap Haitian. Sadly, the social malaise has spread to the rural northeast. The roads in and out of Terrier Rouge have been blocked. Thugs are intimidating people to prevent them from leaving their homes. Schools, including St. Barts, have been shut down nationwide. Clinique Espérance et Vie is continuing to address patient needs via telemedicine, though patients struggle to reach our pharmacy. There is grave concern that lack of fuel for generators may shut down cell service. Clinic personnel who live in Terrier Rouge are providing limited emergency medical services.

Esperance et Vie, our Haitian partners of almost 40 years, is working non-stop to access the

situation and support their people. Their focus is on facilitation of food supplies, medical and emotional support, and other essentials such as wire transfer of funds from the U.S. We will update you as updates from Haiti reach us. For now, we reiterate our sincere appreciation for your faithful support of the so richly deserving people of northeastern Haiti. We all hope fervently for this storm of unrest to exhaust itself. And we long for a lasting, patient commitment to a fairer and more prosperous Haiti. We ask that you keep Haiti in your prayers.

Dan Horton

Board President

Bethlehem Ministry


September 19, 2022

Since the end of last month, there has been some instability in the area. However, yesterday, after the Prime Minister's speech, things took a turn for the worst in several parts of Haiti. Several roads are blocked, including the bridge in Terrier Rouge, leaving people confined to one area. According to what has been shared in the news and on social media, the goal is to protest until the Prime Minister leaves office. People are tired of the inhumane living conditions; the cost of basic goods have sky-rocketed and let's not even talk about the price and scarcity of gas. On my recent trip to Haiti five weeks ago, while I was in Cap [Haitien] I purchased a loaf of wheat bread for over 6 dollars at Leah Market. That was just one of many examples, in order to give you an idea of the current situation, even if my visit was for a short period of time especially since I live and earn a wage in the US; therefore, I can't imagine what my fellow Haitians go through daily.

These riots are creating major issues for everyone. Our CFO Jean Robert, who lives in the capital, was not able to get home from work last week due to barricades. He had to leave his car and walked over 3 hours to make it home safely to his wife and 3 children. He has not been back to work since and still hasn't recuperated his vehicle (if it is still there). Today, we have been informed that a new issue has risen. With the lack of gas, the main antennas of Digicel and Natcom are not powered in some places. As a result, communication is inconsistent and difficult. Therefore, Rachel and I can hardly communicate with Jean Robert and the team members in Terrier Rouge. We do our best to constantly reach out to some key members for updates, but out of everyone, we could only reach Yvon.

Regarding the clinic, it has not been opened since most of the team members are not able to get there.

The 2022-2023 school year was supposed to start on September 3rd but was moved to October 3rd; but, with the current situation, it is unsure.

We are concerned about the safety of all of our team members and we hope they are ok.

Another concern is the looting of places where there is food. There are rumors that our partner Food for the Poor, which supplies most of the food for the school, is on the list to be attacked.

An attempt was made to raid the customs office in Terrier Rouge but the UDMO force, a specialized unit of the National Police, was there to defend it; nevertheless, it is my understanding that someone got hurt.

Father Bruno and the family have been praying and I am soliciting you to join us in prayers in these difficult times. We hope the Lord will help us see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel. I will keep you informed as we continue to receive updates and I take the opportunity to reiterate my gratitude for our partnership.


Sarah Bruno

Chief, Association Executive

Esperance et Vie

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus,

I hope you are all well, rejoicing in the Holy Trinity. After a joyful celebration of my 50th anniversary of being ordained as a priest on June 11 and having recently celebrated my 77th birthday, I have reflected, meditated, prayed, and mesmerized about my hard work and labor with developing schools, ministering to the people at church and most importantly my ministry as a priest. It is why after all this time, and due to recent events regarding my health, I have concluded that I am ready to pass on the torch to another group.

This next trio of well-trained experienced professionals and I have been working closely these past few months, and it is with great pride, joy, confidence that they are carrying on the torch. They will bring a fresher taste, new ideas to the board, and they have presented new projects that not only was approved by Esperance et Vie's members but will also continue to lead it to prosperity and growth in a more modern way.

Although I will no longer be active director in the organization, I will be available to provide my guidance and expertise. I will also be available at your disposal to visit the different churches and work with different groups.

I believe the time has come for me to formally retire as active Director of Espérance et Vie.

However, I am happy to know that it is in very good hands. I want you to know that I remain available in case you ever need anything, and I will continue to pray for you and the new team as they start this new journey.

May God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit keep you now and forever.

In His Name,

Jean Monique Bruno

Updated: Aug 31

If you’ve ever walked or ridden down the streets of Terrier Rouge with Father Bruno, then you have witnessed the direct impact he has made on those around him. As he slowly makes his way down the dirt roads of his beloved community, people wave excitedly and run out of their houses to hug him, talk to him, and offer him gifts. Children hold his hand or onto his pants and run beside him. They want to be in his calming, loving presence and thank him for all the work he has done to make life easier for them in a poverty-stricken nation.

This year he celebrated 50 years in the ministry, and throughout that time, Father Bruno has been a vessel of goodwill and selfless service called by God and empowered by you. Bethlehem Ministry has been blessed to partner with Espérance et Vie for more than 30 years with many of you right by our side. You’ve watched the school grow from one preschool class to a student body of over 1,000! You celebrated with us when the first baby was born at the clinic, and you continue to help us stock the shelves of the pharmacy year after year. We have lifted up prayers together asking for the protection of our Haitian brothers and sisters from civil unrest, COVID, and a collapsing economy. Father Bruno and I are forever grateful to you for the ways in which you supported his vision, and we’re excited to share his plan for the new leadership of Espérance et Vie.

Father Bruno is moving into an emeritus position in which he will continue ministering to those in Terrier Rouge. He also hopes to continue engaging with you all on behalf of Espérance et Vie through travel, presentations, and personal conversations. Sarah Bruno, Jean Robert Bouloute, and Rachel Bruno will fill three new roles to collectively perform the duties Father Bruno has in the past and also perform additional tasks that will expand the capacity of both Espérance et Vie and Bethlehem Ministry.

This is a bittersweet moment for Bethlehem Ministry as we move into a new era. On behalf of our Board of Directors, I want to offer our sincerest thanks to Father Bruno for his years of selfless and inspirational leadership which have forever changed the lives of countless individuals. He leaves an incredible, Christ-inspired legacy of helping others. We also want to show our unanimous support to the new leadership team– Rachel Bruno, Sarah Bruno, and Jean Robert Bouloute. We believe each of them has a unique capacity to perform these roles because of their historical service with the organization and their dedication to the continued success of Espérance et Vie.

Please join us in this new leg of our journey together. Show your support of Father Bruno’s legacy by giving an unrestricted gift today which will allow us to put the money where it’s needed most.

All the best,

Kristen Pace

Executive Director

Bethlehem Ministry