We demonstrate Christian values as illustrated by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Matthew 7:12);


We respect the Haitian culture through compassionate care, neighborly love, and the honoring of all faiths and traditions of the Haitian people; and


We provide hope to rural Haitians through a humanitarian effort that includes accessibility to education, healthcare, and employment.

Bethlehem Ministry provides sustainable solutions that give Haitians the hope and the power to change their lives.

we help overcome poverty through



90% of schools are privately funded by religious organizations or NGOs

- 50% of children do not attend school

- Average Haitian has an 8th grade education, even less for females

- Almost all schools in Haiti cost money

- Life expectancy is 64.4 years

- Haitian government directs just 4.4% of its budget to healthcare

- Haitian government spends $13/capita on healthcare vs. the US which spends $10,000

- 30% of population is food insecure

- 50% of population has no access to clean water

- Poorest country in the western hemisphere

- 14% unemployment; highest in the Americas

- 2 of 3 Haitians live on less than $2 a day

- 50% of Haitians in cities are unemployed

- 80% of population lives below the poverty line

- Highest rate of deforestation of any country in the world

- 2% of original forest remains

- Less than 20% of the land is open to agriculture

- Crippled agriculture

- Degradation of water sources



economic development



Terrier Rouge, like all of Haiti, is struggling with the rising cost of food, fuel, and goods. With gas as high as $13 a gallon (roughly the equivalent of a week of work), every aspect of life is affected. Compounding the problem is the drought in northern Haiti that has persisted for the past several months, eliminating the essential rainy season. As a result, St. Barthelemy’s farm (and others in the region) which provides nutritious fresh food for the students has produced very little. The deeper crisis, however, is in the community where it has become impossible for many to afford food for their families or transportation for work. For those persons, the weight of Haiti’s economic collapse is crushing.

Our partner NGO, Espérance et Vie, under the calming presence and steady leadership of Father Bruno, is working to bring emergency aid to those suffering the most, including a program to feed those most desperate. St. Barthélémy School is open, providing a sense of normalcy for families and a meal for each student. Clinique Espérance et Vie is operational, welcoming patients suffering from malnourishment and other illnesses. For many in Terrier Rouge, these small mercies are making a tremendous impact.

Bethlehem Ministry

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