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Humanitarian Aid

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Your support now is critical.

Know that 100% of your support will be sent to Haiti to assist with emergency food, medicine, soap, masks, or other needs as they arise.

We are so grateful for you.

As always, we ask that you keep Haiti in your prayers.




The entire nation of Haiti is currently facing a humanitarian crisis. In addition to months of civil unrest, a failing economy, and a severe drought, Haiti is now struggling to protect itself from COVID-19.

Our partner NGO, Espérance et Vie, is working to bring emergency aid to those suffering the most, including a program to deliver food to those most desperate. A group of tailors has developed a partnership with the NGO to make and deliver masks to citizens of Terrier Rouge and surrounding areas. Jatrofa Projenou and Espérance et Vie are working hard to produce and donate soap to hospitals, homeless shelters, orphanages, and communities. 

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