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For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

A Humble Servant

Pere Bruno is a man of God. As an Episcopal priest, he has served communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic his entire life, feeding the poor and hungry, caring for the sick, ministering to the struggling. The center of his ministry, however, has always been education, having built 5 schools in northern Haiti, from primary schools to vocational schools, including École St. Barthélémy, located in his father’s hometown of Terrier Rouge.


Our organization, Bethlehem Ministry, was created to support Pere Bruno’s vision, a partnership that has thrived for 35 years and expanded beyond education to include healthcare, environmental restoration, and humanitarian aid. Despite his many successes, Pere Bruno remains a humble servant of God answering the call every single day. Bethlehem Ministry is blessed to support him in these good works.

If you would like to hear more of Pere Bruno's incredible life story, click here.

Father Bruno
Father Bruno

Our honoree. Happy Birthday!

The Beginning
The Beginning

Construction of the first floor in 2002, which was home to preschool and kindergarten classes.

The Farm
The Farm

Pere Bruno giving a tour of Espérance et Vie's farm that supports the school and some members of the community.

Father Bruno
Father Bruno

Our honoree. Happy Birthday!


We are celebrating the man who started it all and keeps us inspired daily! Because of Pere Bruno’s vision, life has changed for tens of thousands of people in northeast Haiti over the past 50 years. Here’s just a glimpse of what he has accomplished in the past 20:

  • A pre-K through grade 13 school (Ecole St. Barthélémy) was built in 2002, now educating, feeding, and nurturing over 1,000 kids each year!

  • A clinic (Clinique Espérance et Vie) was created in 2009 giving convenient access to health services ranging from eye care to prenatal visits to life-saving medications. Over 12,000 patients are seen annually!

  • An NGO (Espérance et Vie) was formed in 2010 to bring humanitarian services to the community of Terrier Rouge. Led by the calm and steady presence of Pere Bruno, the NGO responds quickly to challenges affecting their community - natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes; public health threats such as cholera and COVID-19; and destabilizing situations such as political unrest and crippling inflation.


When you give to Bethlehem Ministry, you are supporting programs like these that can fundamentally change the lives of so many. THIS is the difference your support is making everyday in Haiti!

Bòn Fèt, Pere Bruno!


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Give a Bòn Fèt donation! Help us reach our goal of $7,500 by Pere Bruno’s birthday on July 27th.


He'll be turning 75, so our suggested donation amounts are $7.50, $75, $750, or more! Any amount you choose to give will make a direct impact on our brothers and sisters in Haiti!


When you make your donation, please share a memory, story, or birthday wish for Pere Bruno in the memo line.​

Pere Bruno continues to inspire thousands of people through his hard work and testimony. He is loved and admired by many around the globe. Help us say, "Happy Birthday," to the man who started it all by participating in our Bòn Fèt celebration! 

Your birthday donation makes a difference!


Here are ways your Bòn Fèt donation might help our Haitian brothers and sisters:


For only $7.50, you can send a student to school for 9 days!

Humanitarian Aid

 A generous donation of $7,500 can provide a week's supply of food for a community!


$75 can provide life-saving medications to a person in fragile health!

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$750 can plant 750 trees to help heal the land of a deforested nation!

*These are just examples of donation levels and ways your money can be used. You have the option to give an undesignated donation that will go to the program most in need, or you may choose to designate funds to the program of your choice.*

For every $100 donated to Bòn Fèt, we lit 1 of Pere Bruno's 75 birthday candles. Because of our generous donors, we have exceeded our goal. 

Thank you!