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Pray for Haiti

Recent events in Haiti are heartbreaking. Although Terrier Rouge is relatively far from Port-au-Prince, apprehension about the future hangs over the entire country. Click above to donate or send us a check  (PO Box 48387, Athens, GA 30604) as the programs supported by Bethlehem Ministry, including the school and clinic, seek to continue meeting needs while doing everything possible to ensure the well-being of our brothers and sisters in Terrier Rouge. Prices of food, gasoline, and other essentials have increased substantially as supplies are limited. In addition to residents of Terrier Rouge needing more support, Haitians displaced from elsewhere and arriving in Terrier Rouge also need assistance.

With your help, the NGO Espérance et Vie can work better to meet the rising need for humanitarian aid in Terrier Rouge.

Please pray for Haiti and our brothers and sisters there. We have set up a digital bulletin board if you would like to send your prayers, Bible verses or any other messages, or just add your name as someone praying for them. You can post to the board yourself by clicking the link above or email your message to and we will add it for you. We will work to add translations to Haitian Creole to the bulletin board where appropriate. Your messages of love, solidarity, and prayer will be shared in Haiti through Espérance et Vie’s social media.

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