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2019 Year in Review

There have been extraordinary challenges in Haiti in 2019, but together with our partner NGO, Espérance et Vie, and YOU we’ve faced those challenges head on with some beautiful results:

· A maternity wing was developed at the Clinic with the first baby born there in March.

· Over 700 patients seen each month at the Clinic. That’s 8,500 people a year with access

to medical care in northeast Haiti!

· 28 students graduated from Ecole St. Barthélémy in May, 10 boys and 18 girls! This is an incredible accomplishment in Haiti where the average Haitian has an 8th grade education and for women it can be as low as 4th grade.

· The award-winning marching band at St. Barthelemy’s was invited to compete in a competition in Cap Haitien in May and they won 2nd place!

· Over 1,000 children are being educated at St. Bart’s. The school has remained open despite civil unrest and national school closings throughout Haiti.

· Hundreds of people – farmers and families – are breaking out of the cycle of poverty and environmental collapse through the sustainable methods of farming taught by the staff at Jatrofa Projenou.

· Students from St. Bart’s have distributed thousands of pounds of food to people in Terrier Rouge and the surrounding communities. Food was purchased by the NGO with your generous donations. We will continue to do all we can for those struggling to meet even

the most basic needs.

As always, we thank YOU for partnering with us and believing in our mission. Together we have made, and ARE MAKING, a difference in Haiti!


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