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Give Thanks & Pray Without Ceasing

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The apostle Paul reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances and pray without ceasing. This past year has seen much to pray about for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

We have all been praying for the children and teachers and staff at the school, those who work so very hard to grow food for the hungry, the exhausted and overwhelmed medical workers at the clinic.

We also give thanks, even in these circumstances, or especially in these circumstances. We give thanks for all of you, those who support the ministry that works with our Haitian partners to offer hope and life to Haiti.

For the next year, on behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to invite you to join us in following Paul’s advice. We will give thanks and pray. Set a time aside each and every day when you can pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti. You may use the prayer below, which was written by a board member and is used every time our board meets.

Let us pray without ceasing for God to intercede in Haiti, bringing order, vision, and hope for their country and their people. You might also take a moment and think about your friends in Haiti, those who have become like family to you, and all our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Give thanks for the relationships we have with them and for Father Bruno, Madame Bruno, and all who work so very hard at the school, clinic, and within their community. Give thanks for all who are partners with us in seeking to reach out in love to feed the hungry, offer care for the sick, and hope for the desolate. Give thanks for Bethlehem Ministry and the opportunity we all have to be a part of offering hope and life in Haiti.

Peace, Rev. Leigh Jones

God of Hope and Life,

We come to you with Haiti on our hearts.

We pray for all of Haiti, but specifically for Terrier Rouge.

We pray for the beautiful people within it, the ones we have encountered, and the ones we've yet to meet.

We say aloud the needs of Haitians knowing You hear us, God:

We pray for their safety, for their health, for their peace, for reconciliation, for rest, for sustainability, for empowerment, and for hope.

We pray for the good and holy work Bethlehem Ministry is doing.

We pray that You would bless the efforts and possibilities of the ministry.

We pray that Haitians remain on our minds and in our hearts every day.

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