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"Believe in Me. I told you, Believe."

At Saint Barthélémy School, depending on whether you are a student, a teacher, or staff member, July and August have two different aspects. If you belong to the first two categories (student or teacher), you can enjoy a nice vacation; however if you belong to the other category, you must continue working hard to plan the school year which begins the first week of September.

This is a very special time, and one that challenges our faith. Planning the school year not only involves writing the curriculum but also interviewing and recruiting new teachers or other staff members, as well as preparing the new budget. It is a lot of work that is also an act of faith. It’s the time that we must kneel and pray most intently to ask our Lord, our Provider, to send us the means to meet the budget’s requirements and to put the right people on our path.

Providing a good education to more than a thousand children with limited resources is no easy task. This is only possible with the direct intervention of the Lord. He has always done it in the past, therefore, this year will be no exception. The social and economic situation in Haiti is getting worse these days and everybody is affected, especially the poor members of our community, whose children cannot attend school. Our mission at Saint Barthélémy is to make sure that these children have a quality education as well as the more fortunate ones.

We want to thank you, our great supporters, for the way you keep the work alive by providing scholarships to our students. The good news is, as the school year is about to begin, we have already registered more than seventy new students. The challenge we face is the need to increase the salary of our teachers and other staff, as the cost of living is increasing rapidly in our country. Furthermore, there is repair and maintenance sorely needed in our school facility and classrooms.

We’re encouraging you to be an Ambassador of Saint Barthélémy by spreading the word to your friends, and by motivating a relative to sponsor a child, the hope and future of Haiti. May the Lord continue to bless you.

In His Name,

Father Bruno

Father Bruno with marching band maestro, Richley Pierre. The band won 2nd prize in a music competition. Congrats!

Sponsor a student for less than $1 a day!

Education is the key to Haiti’s future. For just $300 year, you can provide education, health care, and a nutritious lunch each school day to a child in desperate need. Visit our website to set up easy installments of $25/month or a single payment of $300. In the blink of an eye, you can make a difference that will last a lifetime.

The 12th graders' end-of-year party with Rheto News, a magazine they created.


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