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Heavy Rains Devastate the Village of Thanks

Espérance et Vie's Immediate Response

The Village of Thanks is located at the entrance of Terrier Rouge and houses more than 100 people including four teachers and many students from St. Barthélémy school. Saturday night, heavy rains devastated the village and other areas of Terrier Rouge as the water rose and filled the homes of our brothers and sisters.

As soon as Father Bruno heard the news, he organized a team to provide food and water for those affected by the flood. Some cooks from St. Barthélémy responded immediately and prepared dinner that was later delivered by students and other volunteers. Displaced families found shelter and safety in the Episcopal church nearby.

The rain stopped temporarily this morning which allowed most of the water to recede, but it resumed early this afternoon making it possible for the area to flood again. Espérance et Vie's response team cooked and delivered breakfast and lunch today, and the next step is to give the affected families rice, beans, and oil so they can cook their own meals.

Our partners in Haiti are quick to respond to crises like this one with grace and compassion, and they continue to make an enormous impact on the people we serve. Local and national officials have failed to address the needs of the community, but Espérance et Vie is always there to provide hope and life in seemingly hopeless situations.None of this would be possible without your support, and for that we are eternally grateful.


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