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Help Us Get Soap to Families in Haiti

Last week we updated you on the latest news of COVID-19 in Haiti. Sadly, since that time there have been multiple confirmed cases, and at least 2 deaths. As you know, the first line of defense against the spread of coronavirus is hand washing but in Haiti soap is nearly impossible to find or to afford. Fortunately, Jatrofa Projenou (JP) has been producing soap for years using the glycerin byproduct of Jatrofa oil production. They have supplied soaps for hospitals, schools, and hotels but now they are increasing production to meet the demands in the fight against COVID-19, most recently having delivered several thousand bars of soap to an orphanage and a hospital in the town of Milot.

To support the efforts of Jatrofa Projenou, we are kicking off Clean Hands - A Campaign to Keep Haitians Healthy in the Midst of COVID-19.

Partner with us in the fight against COVID-19 by donating soap from Jatrofa Projenou to Haitian families for just $0.90 a bar. Consider adding a donation in any amount to support outreach efforts in rural communities throughout northeast Haiti. Opportunities to educate families about the dangers of COVID-19 and the protection provided by proper hand washing increase the chances of success for this campaign.

Fighting COVID-19 has become a global effort that relies on each of us to do our part. In the time it takes to wash your hands, you can donate a bar of soap to a family in Haiti. Click on the link below to give the life-saving gift of Clean Hands. Thank you and stay well!

Making bars of soap at Jatrofa Projenou


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