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Kids for Change

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Women are integral to all aspects of Haitian society, and according to USAID, nearly half of Haitian households are women-led. Women in rural Haiti are mothers raising children, they are daughters caring for elderly parents, they are street vendors and farmers, and their work touches all of daily life in Haiti. When we invest in Haitian women, we invest in the entire community.

Kids for Change is a campaign to empower women in Haiti. By donating to this cause, your money will support the initiative to give them young goats that will essentially be a savings account for the family, gaining interest as it grows. Women in the community can breed their goats to multiply their earning potential as well as provide milk and meat for their families. An adult goat can be sold for $30-$50, basically one month’s wages in Haiti!

Last year, Kids for Change raised over $3,000! As the goats sponsored by our friends grew up and multiplied, they nourished families and provided economic opportunity for women living in poverty. You can imagine what a difference this made as the price of rice, a food staple in the homes of Haitians, was inflated up to 45% in 2021. Together, we can make an even bigger impact this year!

Kids for Change will run throughout the month of May in celebration of Mother’s Day and especially mothers in Haiti who give tirelessly for their families. For just $25, you can honor a woman in your life by giving a woman in Haiti a chance at economic independence.


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