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Let's Celebrate Life!

Clinique Espérance et Vie: Clinic of Hope and Life. Life is at the core of the Clinic’s mission, life from the womb to old age. From setting a broken arm to prescribing life-saving medicine to bringing new life into the world (and everything in between!), the Clinic is witness to all the joys and challenges of life in northeast Haiti.

Today, we are celebrating some pretty great numbers coming out of Haiti. Over 6,400 patients were cared for in just the first 9 months of this year. That’s over 700 Haitians a month with access to healthcare! We’ve broken down the numbers in the chart below to show you all the services provided by the Clinic, all the LIFE that’s impacted by your support.

Please help the Clinic continue to thrive by donating today to our Annual Campaign, Hope and Life.  We’re all in this life together. And together we’re making a difference.


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