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News From Father Bruno

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus,

I hope you are all well, rejoicing in the Holy Trinity. After a joyful celebration of my 50th anniversary of being ordained as a priest on June 11 and having recently celebrated my 77th birthday, I have reflected, meditated, prayed, and mesmerized about my hard work and labor with developing schools, ministering to the people at church and most importantly my ministry as a priest. It is why after all this time, and due to recent events regarding my health, I have concluded that I am ready to pass on the torch to another group.

This next trio of well-trained experienced professionals and I have been working closely these past few months, and it is with great pride, joy, confidence that they are carrying on the torch. They will bring a fresher taste, new ideas to the board, and they have presented new projects that not only was approved by Esperance et Vie's members but will also continue to lead it to prosperity and growth in a more modern way.

Although I will no longer be active director in the organization, I will be available to provide my guidance and expertise. I will also be available at your disposal to visit the different churches and work with different groups.

I believe the time has come for me to formally retire as active Director of Espérance et Vie.

However, I am happy to know that it is in very good hands. I want you to know that I remain available in case you ever need anything, and I will continue to pray for you and the new team as they start this new journey.

May God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit keep you now and forever.

In His Name,

Jean Monique Bruno


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