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Spotlight: Deb Myers

It has been my privilege to serve on the Board of Bethlehem Ministry for the past five years and as a volunteer for seven. As a Board member, I visit Haiti 1 – 2 times a year with a team of U.S. volunteers to tour the projects that Bethlehem Ministry sponsors, provide service to the people of Northeast Haiti, and deepen my relationships with the people working on our projects and living in the communities we serve. The most impactful parts of my visits are building relationships and being in fellowship with Haitians, learning more about Haitian lives and culture, and having time to reflect on my own American life and how I might live out the lessons that I learn from my Haitian friends.

I have developed a deep respect for the people of Terrier Rouge and those living in outlying communities. The genuine care and concern people have for the wellbeing of their neighbors, their promotion of youth development, and their entrepreneurial spirit are enviable! Haitians are also some of the most welcoming and open people I have met. Bethlehem Ministry’s partners are always out and about in the streets of Terrier Rouge listening to and ministering to people, seeking ways to provide assistance in solidarity with the community, and empowering Haitians to improve their own situation.

Over the past 7 years, the changes that I can see in Terrier Rouge are palatable. The school has grown, businesses have been established, housing and sanitation have improved, and access to high quality health care is constantly expanding. People also walk a little taller, children look happier, and there is a buzz in the streets that was not there when I first visited Terrier Rouge. Residents know that Pere Bruno and his projects have made a significant

difference for them and they all readily welcome his American guests.

I am proud to be a part of Bethlehem Ministry and am honored that I can make a small contribution to a large effort that is making great strides for the empowerment of the people in Northeast Haiti. I plan to be a part of “B’Min” for years to come!

Deb Myers

Board of Directors

Deb leads a team of volunteers on a trip to Terrier-Rouge at least once a year.

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