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St. Barthelemy: A Beacon of Hope

We have some hopeful news to share! The humanitarian crisis and accompanying civil unrest are affecting all of Haiti, but our partner NGO, Esperance et Vie, is working hard to ensure students in the community continue to have access to education. This is the latest information we have from Father Bruno:

  • Although many schools across the nation have been forced to close due to civil unrest, severe economic conditions, and commodity shortages, St. Barthélémy closed for just a single week in September, otherwise remaining open despite the ongoing challenges.

  • Throughout this time Espérance et Vie and St. Barthélémy have been able to continue operations including educating and feeding children from the community, thereby enabling their parents to focus on the arduous task of supporting their families during this crisis.

  • Father Bruno has arranged for a select group of 6th and 9th grade students from schools in Cap Haïtien to audit classes at St. Barthélémy so they are prepared for their national exams at the end of the semester, despite the fact that their regular school has been closed.

We hope you are reassured and inspired by what a high value role St. Barthélémy School plays in their local and regional community! The video above is our way of saying THANK YOU for making all of it possible.


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